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Desiree Bates from Born Dirty InDUSTries is in studio to talk about the ( Fight For Ocotillo Wells ) and their upcoming event to help raise funds create awareness and SHARE content on the fight for Ocotillo Wells SVRA.

Also in studio right from the Score Baja 1000 was Hero Racing's Paul Thomas, Giovanni Spinali, John Griffin to relive their memories on the bike!

There are constant issues effecting Ocotillo Wells and the majority of the time the general public has no idea these issues even exist. After taking part in the Geo Thermal Drilling issue of 2007, FFOW founder Desiree Bates and friends drove campsite to campsite informing the public of the possibility of geo thermal drills occupying parts of Ocotillo Wells. With this lawsuit Desiree took to Social Media to get word out and the Fight For Ocotillo Wells Facebook group is 5,200+ people strong. MORE INFO

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Desiree Bates
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Hero Racing's Paul Thomas, Giovanni Spinali, John Griffin
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